Negative Balance Protection

In HIGHFX, the interests of our clients is our primary objective. While trading with HIGHFX, HIGHFX helps you to protect your account from negative balance, a policy also known as “Negative Balance Protection”. This means that your account balance will have zero balance if your account goes into negative as a result of trading activity.

In today’s trading environment, negative balance protection can help traders to take advantage of high-volume trading sessions without having to worry about going into debt. The last thing, a trader needs is to deal with losses that exceed their investment capital. If you’re new to trading; you may fear to go into debt on a few bad trades as you’re starting out. In other words; when the markets move in their favor, higher leverage allows traders to make impressive profits with small deposits. However, the opposite is also possible, too. In that case, meaning the market moves against the traders and losses exceed traders’ initial investments, you are not going to be indebted to HIGHFX. HIGHFX Negative Balance Protection ensures that traders who possess losing positions don’t enter into a negative balance in their forex trading account; as long as it is not manipulated.

As HIGHFX, we want to provide you the best trading conditions where you can trust us in your trading. HIGHFX’s clients cannot lose more than they have deposited.