Introducing Brokers

HIGHFX Introducing Broker (IB) Program offers the opportunity to earn a substantial, ongoing commission on the trading activity of any clients that are referred to HIGHFX. The HIGHFX Introducing Broker Program is designed to offer you best-of-market rebates whilst maximizing your growth potential and profitability.

Introducing Broker (IB) is an official representative who independently acquire new clients. Introducing broker gets a generous reward for each trade that a referred client makes. HIGHFX offers a rewarding Introducing Broker (IB) Program to individuals and corporate clients across the globe. Through this program, Introducing Brokers collects commissions which had been satisfiying to every Introducing Broker, we have worked with.

As an IB; If you are already in a relationship with other Forex brokers and searching for other opportunities, HIGHFX is here to meet your expectations. HIGHFX will satisfy you with great IB commission structure and bonuses for your clients. HIGHFX will make sure your referred clients are fully taken care of. For further information, please contact us. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions.

HIGHFX will guide and help you to be a better IB; so you can focus on just referring more clients.

To register your interest in becoming an IB; all you have to do send us an email, use chat box or call us. Then your application will be reviewed by one of affiliate managers. We will contact you in order to discuss your individual conditions and offer you the best solution. Whatever your business requirements are, HIGHFX will find the right solution for you.