About Us

HighFx was established by a team of successful professional traders in the international finance industry. As Highfx we aim for our traders and strive to design and create a trading environment which all traders in the world would look for. Moreover, we aim to create difference and be different by taking advantage of our trading experiences in different specialization areas

Our Vision

To make a difference!

As Highfx team, we aim to make difference for our traders, and give a reason to our traders to lead the difference. In order to actualize our vision, we create unique personal relationships with all traders to understand them and to grow together.

Our Mission

Enhancing the trading standards!

We are aware that the key point to become a successful trader is trading in the light of certain information and strategies under the right guidance. Also, we aim to enhance our traders’ life standards, and to help them execute more profitable and more successful trades via high-quality information.

Trader Support

 We know that our success relies on our traders’ success, and therefore we support and guide our traders in their every step in the financial markets. It is vital for us to make sure that every single member of our team has experience in trading, and we are well aware that the guidance of financial experts is the greatest assistance the traders can receive to be successful in the markets.

Whenever you are trading on the HighFx platform, we want to make sure that you are trading with your mind at ease, knowing that you will never be left alone in the markets.